Gift Ideas from Jitse

ABC Gift Ideas 2015Every year we present you with our Gift Ideas: books, magazines, games or merchandise that we think would make great gifts in the December month.

This year we decided to introduce all our buyers to you at the same time.  That way, if you want an expert, you’ll know exactly who to turn to in which store.


Gift Ideas from Jitse, 2015

Jitse works in Amsterdam and is the buyer for the Manga, Graphic Novels, Animation, Fantastic Art, Cards, Holland, and Calendars sections.

Gift Ideas on display in the picture above:

What items from the list above do you want to highlight?

Alpha, a non-fiction graphic novel by Jens Harder.  It describes our history from the Big Bang until now (the start of human civilization).  It jumps back and forth in time and really lets the pictures tell the story.  He uses visual elements known throughout history and has an amazing mix of old and new: weather charts, Hokusai’s The Wave when depicting a wild ocean, the cave paintings at Lascaux, all while telling the ‘regular’ story.

Trashed by Derf Backderf.  Derf uses his own experiences as a trash collector and mixes it with all kinds of information about trash in general.  How does a landfill work?  How much trash do we make, really?  A great mix of anecdotes and facts.

The Art of Mouse Guard.  That’s a great graphic novel in any case, but this book has all kinds of behind-the-scenes information and sketches, and pictures of 3D background models of the scenery so he could get the details in his drawings just right.  It’s not cheap, but a must-have for the real fan.”

More buyers with their gift ideas will be presented on the blog every day. An overview post can be found here.