Gift Ideas from Tiemen

ABC Gift Ideas 2015Every year we present you with our Gift Ideas: books, magazines, games or merchandise that we think would make great gifts in the December month.

This year we decided to introduce all our buyers to you at the same time.  That way, if you want an expert, you’ll know exactly who to turn to in which store.


Gift Ideas Tiemen 2015

Tiemen works in Amsterdam, and is the buyer for the Science Fiction & Fantasy and Young Adult (YA) Fiction sections.

Gift Ideas on display in the picture above:

What items from the list above do you want to highlight?

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet.  This is the feelgood road trip story of 2015… in space.  Chambers has created a compelling universe filled with wondrous aliens that will appeal to fans of Star Wars, Star Trek, and Firefly, starring a captain that feels like a combination of Commander Shepard and Nathan Fillion but with a pacifist twist.  The story revolves around a crew of interesting people with different kinds of quirks and background stories as they make their (long) way to a small, angry planet, hence the title, but as with every road trip it’s not the destination but the journey itself that matters.

Sorcerer to the Crown.  A very funny book that does not shy away from discussing serious issues. A comedy of manners set in the Regency Era that involves magic, backstabbing and one very cool heroine (and hero).

The House of Shattered Wings.  This novel has a very peculiar gothic vibe. Set in a Belle epoque Paris ravaged after a destructive magical war it combines a murder mystery, political intrigue, and the story of an outsider. Plus there are fallen angels who squabble over the few remaining crumbs of power.

Ghost Fleet.   It looks like science-fiction, it reads like science-fiction, but actually this is a rather elaborate and entertaining what-if about how the next world war would look like. All the technology described is actually already in use or just around the corner. Perfect for fans of Tom Clancy.

The Rest of Us Just Live Here.  A surprisingly touching story about growing up while not being the Chosen One. Ness manages to tell an engaging and witty story while also discussing tough subjects like OCD and anorexia.

More buyers with their gift ideas will be presented on the blog every day. An overview post can be found here.