Gift Ideas from Maarten

ABC Gift Ideas 2015Every year we present you with our Gift Ideas: books, magazines, games or merchandise that we think would make great gifts in the December month.

This year we decided to introduce all our buyers to you at the same time.  That way, if you want an expert, you’ll know exactly who to turn to in which store.


Gift Ideas Maarten 2015

Maarten works in Amsterdam, and is the buyer for the Business, World History, Political Science, Social Science, True Crime, Mind Expansion, Magic(k)/Occult, and Controversial Knowledge sections.

Gift Ideas on display in the picture above:

What items from the list above do you want to highlight?

Swimming with Sharks, a journalistic-anthropological investigation into why bankers cannot help being psychopaths. But then a bit more nuanced than that.

Steve Jobs: the Exclusive Biography.  It’s a nice paperback edition.  Read it before you see the movie (that is sort-of based on this book).

The Truth, the ‘other side’, the dark side, the consequences of his earlier book The Game. Very personal.

Congo: The Epic History of a People. I really should read this because many people have said ‘you should read this’, ‘it is very well written and it is a very important subject’, and because my hero Arthur Conan Doyle already wrote about atrocities in the Congo. I really really should read this…but I haven’t yet. Shame on me!”

More buyers with their gift ideas will be presented on the blog every day. An overview post can be found here.