Laser 3/14 ‘crossed’ at the ABC Treehouse

Laser 3.14 is one of the artists who regularly exhibit their work at the ABC Treehouse in Amsterdam.  Known for his pithy and often esoteric street poetry, Laser uses the Treehouse to broaden out into visual imagery as well.  He adds a certain street savvy to the mix of paintings, digital art and photography that usually hangs on our walls, and is a welcome addition to the current exhibition Bron.  But recently an incident occured that begs the question: you can take the artist off the street, but will the street let go of the artist?

On April 16th, during exhibition hours, an unknown man entered the Treehouse, gazed for a moment at the artwork hanging near the door – then pulled out a spray can and ‘crossed’ Laser’s work! Crossing is a well known occurrence within the graffiti scene, but new to the ABC, and the natural question is: why now?  Might it have to do with the Laser’s rising popularity among galleries and collectors?  The fact that his first solo book Are You Reading Me” will be launched at the ABC store in Amsterdam on April 23rd? You can pre-order your copy of this gorgeous collection of Laser sightings here.

Was this an act of jealousy, or the street version of a frat challenge?  See the work and judge for yourself – The “Bron” exhibition is in the ABC Treehouse in Amsterdam throughout April/May (Thursdays-Sundays, 1pm-6pm).   Everyone is welcome – except the man who ‘crossed’ the line: I’d advise him to stay away, because when you’re inside a gallery, ‘crossing’ isn’t art – it’s vandalism, and police have been alerted.

In any case, I think we know the answer to the question posed above: no, the street won’t let go of the artist.  And in my opinion, the art world will only benefit from this artist keeping one foot in the streets, and one in the ABC Treehouse.  Big up, Laser!