Nationale Voorleesdagen 2016

Nationale Voorleesdagen 2016 logoThe Nationale Voorleesdagen 2016 (National Read-To-Your-Kids Days) start today!  What a great beginning of the Year of the Book, don’t you agree?

Check the site for what’s happening where, and some tips (in Dutch) on reading to your kids, but of course the main point is to grab a book and a kid and to read it together, out loud, you to them, they to you, with or without voices and sound bites, and to have as much fun reading as you can!  Make a start this week, and keep it up the rest of the years your kid(s) will let you read to them.  It’s so much fun.  🙂

At ABC we have lots and lots of books for kids.  We asked our two Children’s Books buyers, Shirley and Lília, for their favorite books to read out loud, and here are their tips:

Shirley's Top 5 books to read to your kid

Shirley’s Top 5

Lilia's Top 5 books to read to kids

Lília’s Top 5

Happy reading, everyone!