Store Bits: Decorating with BBDs, new religions, coloring instructions and more!

That lovely customer who sent us a picture of his decorating skillz with our Blind Book Dates a few months ago has sent us a few more.  How cool is that idea, right?  And also, how did he ever manage to pry that book from SO MUCH KITTEN FLUFFINESS!  Too cute!

Decorating with BBDs Cat vs. BBD

Thanks to everyone who came to the Need to Read: Technology and Social Innovation evening, with Kitty Leering and Deborah Carter. We hope you found the evening inspiring.



Alex Yeager has some snarky and on-point Game of Thrones coloring book instructions:

  1. Take outside.
  2. Pour red paint on book.
  3. Stab repeatedly.
  4. Decapitate. Wait seven years to repeat.

Thank you Alex for tagging us in your post!

Game of Thrones coloring book instructions


Welcome to the fold, Flying Spaghetti Monster! So glad to have you join the registry of Official Dutch Religions…

The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster


Our Tom’s eagle eyes spied this NRC column by Frits Abrahams, where he mentions Marieke Nijkamp’s book signing of This Is Where It Ends at ABC Amsterdam last month.



And finally: we have SIGNED copies of Becoming by Cindy Crawford in stock at ABC Amsterdam!  And Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard has just arrived at ABC The Hague (a title that was on many a ‘most anticipated read of 2016’ list in your Top 5s of 2015)!  Double hooray!

Signed Cindy CrawfordGlass Sword - Victoria Aveyard