This Just In: Science Fiction & Fantasy

Our Tiemen sent in a whole list of recently-arrived titles from his Science Fiction & Fantasy section in Amsterdam.  No picture of them all displayed on a counter or chair or on his head was included, though, so we’re doing this the Old Skool way, with the cover images neatly aligned.  🙂  Links to ebooks included in parentheses where applicable.  Enjoy!

When the Heavens Fall - Marc TurnerDrake - Peter McLeanGraft - Matt HillThis Census-Taker - China MiévilleDown Station - Simon Morden

Every Anxious Wave - Mo DaviauAll the Birds in the Sky - Charlie Jane AndersFlesh & Wires - Jackie HattonCalamity - Brandon SandersonMorning Star - Pierce BrownCity of Blades - Robert Jackson Bennett