Bookbits for 8 March 2016

  • R.I.P.  My word, but did we lose a lot of great names since the last time I wrote a Bookbits! 🙁  Harper Lee and Umberto Eco in the span of one day, Louise Rennison not much later, and just a few days ago Pat Conroy died, too.  Please let’s not have any more sad news like this for quite a while, ok?
  • Six tips on how to be a better writer.  Nothing you haven’t heard before, perhaps, but this kind of thing can bear repeating.
  • In other awards news, I rather liked the announcements of two new small prizes: The Republic of Conciousness Prize (for fiction from small UK presses) and the Jhalak Book Prize (for UK writers of colour).  Very UK-oriented, but I like the thoughts behind these prizes.  🙂

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