Bookbits for 23 March 2016

  • Margaret Atwood wears her Red TentacleAwards!  The Kitchies (‘for speculative and fantastic fiction’) have been announced, and Margaret Atwood won the coveted red tentacle award this year, for The Heart Goes Last.  See the full list of winners here.  The Bookseller’s YA Book Prize was won this year by Louise O’Neill, for Only Ever Yours.  Proving once again that ABC customers are more discerning than most, since she was picked several times for your Favorite Reads of 2015!
  • If you’re up for reading a prolonged and increasingly inventive birthday celebration twitter exchange, read the Kitschies Invisible Tentacle shortlisted ‘Daniel Barker’s Birthday’.  It features clowns, stunted mutants, MANY BIRTHDAY SONGS and war candles.  Unmissable, in my opinion. X-D
  • A fun piece about author pseudonyms.  Apparently Elena Ferrante is a pseudonym (I learn something new every day :-)), and literary detectives are still on the hunt for the actual human behind the name – 24 years and counting!