Staff Review: No Self, No Problem – Anam Thubten

Reviewed by Jilles

No Self, No Problem - Anam ThubtenFor the big part we read books in the hope that we find a gem that will transform us or the way we see the world. Not a huge change that makes us nauseous, just a new way of looking at something and feeling a pleasant tingle inside us as the change settles in. That is what this book did for me.

No Self, No Problem tackles an issue the Buddhists love to write about: letting go and awakening. The wonderful thing about this book is that it doesn’t fall into the trappings of Eastern culture, and reads like a book written for the Western market, which was what Anam Thubten obviously wanted. And it works, in a way that really resonates on many levels. His talent is to make it all seem so simple and feasible. Who doesn’t want to read a book like that? Now this might come across as simple, but there is tremendous depth in his simplicity, a truth that you can take with you for days and still feel it sinking deeper and deeper into that space inside you that is difficult to reach. So even though the message is simple (“no self, no problem”) the way he writes about it shows all the subtleties that this process encompasses.

For everybody who likes books like The Untethered Soul and Practicing the Power of Now, this is a welcome addition to that small collection of books that speak about a deeper truth.

Jilles, 2015Jilles is ABC Amsterdam’s Crime Fiction, Consciousness, Eastern Philosophy, and Film & TV buyer.

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