Pandemic Legacy (as reviewed by our Sywert, MaxM, Steven and Tiemen)

Pandemic Legacy Blue Season 1The world is in turmoil! An epidemic is spreading! Four different diseases are ruining the world! It’s up to us, a group of brave scientists, researchers, medics and all kinds of other awesome people, to save the world!

Pandemic Legacy was voted Best Board game by pretty much everybody last year, and four intrepid ABC colleagues (Tiemen, Steven, Max and Sywert) have taken it upon themselves to contain the epidemic and prevent a pandemic! (Hint: things aren’t going well…)

Pandemic players Sywert and MaxMPandemic players Steven, MaxM and Tiemen

The Legacy version of Pandemic is a game that changes each time you play it. Every month the state of the board changes, usually for the worse. These changes stay while you play the next month. In our first game we had a tiny outbreak in Cairo, and then a bigger one, and then again, and again… Cairo is now a city that is very difficult to keep alive. This changes the flow of the game in some strange and cool ways.

Pandemic Legacy board 2At each start of the month you open boxes, put down stickers and learn new rules and abilities. Halfway through our first month we were hit by a major change to the rules of the game and this what makes this game so amazing!  We are currently in our fourth month and we managed to contain our initial spell of bad luck…

One of the fun things is that you also get to name your own character as well as the different diseases. In January we played with Dr. Crusher, Donnie Yen, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and a fourth character named by MaxM, but I wanted to keep this report kid friendly…

– Sywert

Pandemicboard3 (800x600) pandemicboard1