Himalayan Salt Lamps: something new at the ABC

Himalaya Salt Lamps The Himalayan Salt Lamps have arrived!

These beautiful stones of original Himalayan salt are probably best known for their power to cleanse the air in your home. “How do they do this?” you might ask. “It’s just a clump of orange salt.” Well, this particular piece of salt attracts water molecules from the surrounding environment, then absorbs those molecules, including their contaminants, like pollen, dust, or cigarette smoke. As the lamp warms up and evaporates the water back into the air it keeps the contaminated particles locked in the salt.

Something else this salt does is neutralize electronic radiation. These days we are living in a sea of electromagnetic radiation which comes from our computers, televisions, phones, tablets, etc. Long term exposure to the radiation from all these devices can have harmful side effects. It is known that this radiation increases stress levels, can play a part in causing chronic fatigue, and lowers the body’s immune system. As all these ‘toys’ emit negative ions, Himalayan Salt neutralizes this electromagnetic radiation. Keep them next to one of your computers or televisions or any other electronic device you often use.

Of course, these lamps are not the solution to all our health problems, but they support a better life style, that is the most important thing to remember. And besides that, they are just beautiful when they burn in the evening and show their orange glow in the dark.

They look gorgeous, especially when the light inside is burning, they are full of benefits for your health and well-being, and we are selling them in the White Room at our ABC store in Amsterdam.

Himalayan Salt Lamps with a lamp inside: €19.95
Himalayan Tea Light Holders: €9.99

Jilles, buyer for the Consciousness section in ABC Amsterdam