Betty the book making machine: your cool tool for self-publishing

EBM techs María and Steven with Betty
EBM techs María and Steven with Betty


You might or might not have met her: since 2010, an Espresso Book Machine calls the American Book Center her home. We fondly named her Betty. You can find her in both our stores and from there, this book making machine has proven to be a tremendous help for self-publishers over the past few years.

EBM tech/author Steven shows off his book
EBM tech/author Steven shows off his self-published book GAY & HAPPY

Betty is a machine that can produce a perfect bound softcover book within minutes. But it’s so much more than that: behind Betty is a great team which will give you all the assistance you need to turn your personal project into a book. No matter whether you have written an illustrated book, poems, a family cookbook or stories in a foreign language – we can print and bind them for you.

All that we need from you is a digital file for which you own the copyright. Betty can also print public domain titles or content for which you have a clear printing permission from the rights holder. Even a single copy is affordable. Once you hold your personal copy in your hand, we can sell your book for you locally, on our site and in our stores.

One of Betty’s customers describes it as follows: “The Espresso Book Machine is a great tool to experiment and to reach my first readers with minimal investments. I love the fact that my printing costs are financed by my readers who order their personal copies at ABC. For small and irregular circulations, this is a pretty perfect solution!”

Do you have a project to show us? Or want to find out more about Betty and her team? Visit our website or contact Betty’s crew via email or phone. We would love to hear from you!

EBM tech María making sure Betty's in tip-top shape!
EBM tech María making sure Betty’s in tip-top shape!