Lit Links: Our irregular round up of random book stuff

If like us, you’re a regular user of the Internet Movie Database you might be interested in something Sigrid found: there’s now a similar tool for books. You can search in the usual way with author, ISBN, title and so on. But it’s also searchable by subject, and browsable by Dewey Decimal numberperiod or movement, and even imaginary place!

Maarten, ever an afficionado of the small and adorable, loves the dinky little Easter Island Desktop Heads we have on the second floor in Amsterdam. Some of us are like kids in a candy store when we see Running Press products, while some more grown up ABCers fail to see the attraction of geeky trinkets in little boxes. But everyone seems to think these are cute!

Teachers! We have lots and lots of educational workbooks in stock in Amsterdam at eenie meenie prices. Most of them are on English but we have a good few on maths and a couple of other subjects too! Check the crates in the children’s corner. ( We also have a little ESL section for children section. Ask our staff to point it out!)

The one millionth word is about to enter the Oxford English Dictionary.  Which word will it be? You won’t believe some of the words that they’ve already allowed in.

After all those words, a literary dessert: one of our favorite websites is Cake Wrecks, a site dedicated to professional cakes gone wrong. Except on Sundays when they showcase some amazing works of edible art. My favourite Sunday edition so far just has to be this one on children’s books.