Magazine Spotlight

Fresh from our industrious Amsterdam Magazine people are two tips about magazines you may not know existed: Kung Fu Tai Chi and Civil War Historian.

Kung Fu Tai Chi magazineCivil War Historian magazine

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Marten’s spotlight is on Kung Fu Tai Chi:

Tiger Claw Elite Championships 2007Out of our four martial arts magazines, Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine is one of the two specialised in Kung Fu. It’s 111 pages of glossy American bimonthly at € 6,50.

“Results for the 9th World Wushu Games & Tiger Claw Elite Champions!? heads this month’s issue. It ows its place in the spotlight due to the amusing front cover for this issue.

Stricking an ackward pose with both his right arm and leg streched out and reaching higher than his shoulders (try it) is Grandmaster Qian Yuanze. This March/April issue features a lengthy, 10-page article on him. Even more amusing than his pose, is the bewildered look on this completely ordinary-looking man’s face, as if his body is suddenly and involuntairily jerked into this position.

That said, I’m always awe struck by the amazing things these grandmasters can do and jealous of their dedication (or should I say devotion). So really, this magazine owes its place in the spotlight to a bit more than just a funny picture on its cover.

San Yin’s spotlight is on Civil War Historian:

Civil War soldiersThe American Civil war (1861-1865) still lives on in the minds of quite some people. The fact that Civil War Historian (€ 8.95, bimonthly) is one of three magazines on the American Civil war at the American Book Centers only enforces that thought. In the cover of this issue are two stern looking women posing for the camera. What these women have to do with the Civil War is not entirely clear to me at first; when reading the magazine, though, I find a tiny article about what American women wore from 1850-1880. Anyway Civil War Historian does have a lot of interesting articles this month. A Top Ten list of the Confederate generals, for example. I can tell you it is not really a surprise who they put at number one, but still the article has interesting facts and biographies of the generals. There is also a story about a Union navy ship, the USS Wyoming, who sailed to Japan in search for Confederate raiding vessels and ended up fighting a Japanese clan. All in all Civil War Historian is a diverse magazine with a wide range of subjects all within the sphere of the American Civil War.