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You Review!

Would you like to read the latest releases before they are released? Would you like to read them for free? And would you like to be paid for doing so? You can if you take part in our customer review program!

We are looking for enthusiastic readers and writers who would like to read advance copies of new books and write a short review on them for our website.

How to get your book and gift voucher

  1. You can sign up for the You Review program by e-mailing your address, photo and choice of book to with “You Review”, plus the round number, and the book’s title in the subject line. You can also give us reserve choices in case someone has already reserved your first choice.
  2. Please also tell us whether you would like to pick your book in Amsterdam or The Hague.
  3. The first person to reserve each book will get a free copy. We’ll also reward you with an ABC gift voucher after your review has been posted on the blog.
  4. For the complete You Review rules, see below.

How You Review Works

On an entirely irregular basis depending on the the quality of the free books we are sent and how busy we are, we’ll post the titles of a bunch of books.  If one of them appeals to you, you can apply to review it.

We usually have one copy of each book. If you are the first to apply for your book, we’ll let you know. Then you can you collect it at one of our stores, read it, review it, and send the review to

Books from previous rounds are no longer available. Even if you ask really nicely.

The Rules

  • To apply to review a book, send an e-mail to with the following:

– The words “You Review”  AND the round number (see the title of the blog post) AND the title of the book you want to review in the subject line.

– Your home address

–  Where you would like to collect the book. (ABC Amsterdam or ABC The Hague.  If collecting your book in Amsterdam or The Hague is difficult, mention that in your e-mail when you reserve your book. We’ll work something out.)

–  A photo of you, or an image you’d like us to use instead of your photo.

– Reservations go fast, so if there are other books you are interested in, include those in your e-mail as second (and third or fourth or fifth… ) choice too and we’ll try to distribute everything as fairly as possible.

  • You Review is open to residents of The Netherlands only.
  • Your review should be in English, and of a reasonable standard. It doesn’t need to be perfect – we’ll do some editing where needed.
  • No stealing from other reviews, or using your own reviews which have already been published elsewhere.
  • State your honest opinion – even if you hated the book! Especially if you hated the book!
  • Reviews should be between 100-400 words long. 250 words is ideal. If you think your book is so great/terrible that it needs more words, let us know – this is usually fine.
  • We will send you an ABC gift voucher for EUR 7.50 after you have sent us your review. This may take up to three months depending on the time of year and how many fabulous events we have coming up to keep us busy in the marketing department.
  • Your You Review book is our gift to you and does not need to be returned.
  • When you submit your first review, include a photo of yourself. This isn’t absolutely compulsory, but it’d be nice for other people to see the face behind the writer. 🙂
  • The books are generally distributed on a first come, first served basis. However, we do sometimes give preference to a regular reviewer (see You Review Elite details below).
  • The books linked to on the blog might be different from the edition you get. Now and then the book might already have been published, and sometimes you might get a regular edition instead of a proof copy. And sometimes you’ll get something surprising and unusual.
  • Turn in your review within the agreed time, or be struck from the program. And you can be struck from the program for breaking the other rules too, but hey, we’re ABC and we’re pretty easy-going most of the time.
  • We reserve the right to change or shorten your review as we see fit.
  • The American Book Center reserves the right to re-use your review in other publications. But you are also free to use your review wherever you like, such as on your own blog.
  • The American Book Center reserves the right to change these rules without notice.
  • If you take part often and consistently make Sophie’s blogmistress life easier by turning in good reviews, you may become part of the . This honor not only earns you a special button on the blog next to your name, showing everyone how special you are (oooh!), but also comes with extra perks like sneak peeks of upcoming rounds, books picked just for you, in some cases being given your first choice of book even when someone else has requested it, and being able to make special requests.

You Review is made possible by the following publishers: Penguin US; Penguin UK; HarperCollins US; Hachette US; Hachette UK; Simon & Schuster US, Random House US, Little, Brown UK, Hodder and Stoughton.

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