Amsterdam – Ground Floor

Welcome to The American Book Center Amsterdam! We’re on the gorgeous Spui square, next door to the Begijnhof.

When you visit our store in Amsterdam, the first things you’ll see are tables piled high with art and design books. This is the Ground Floor, home to our sections devoted to Art & Design, Music, Fashion, Photography, Sport, Calendars, (Moleskine) Notebooks and the ever-changing Hip & Hype shelves.

If you look to your left, you’ll see the ground floor cash desk. Say “hi!” to Max!

Squeeze past all the browsers hovering around the art books and you’ll see our two of our favourite things in the store: the start of The Bookwall, and the base of The Tree. These stairs lead to the First Floor. If they look daunting to you, we do have an elevator. It’s just beyond the doorway in the magazines section.

There are a lot of playful elements worked into the design of the Amsterdam store. Arches surrounded by books, and split levels with ramps are just a couple of the features inviting you to explore further. 

The center of the Ground Floor or ‘eye’, is bordered by tall sweeps filled with magazines from the US and UK on hundreds of different subjects. The shelves opposite have magazines too. From the weeklies to the glossies to the odd or specific, we have a magazine to suit everyone! Hidden in a corner under the stairs is the Magazines Desk, where you can pick up your magazine reservation, or ask for general help or advice.

The most amazing feature of the store is the bookwall. It starts in the middle of the ground floor, just left of the entrance, and curves round about 100 degrees. The shelves reach the ceiling… and then carry on up to the First Floor, and then even up to to the Second Floor in a wide, towering wall of books. Pop outside and take a look from the Kinderboekenwinkel II across the street to see it in all its glory!

The shelves on the bookwall which run up the stairs to the First Floor house books on Sport, Hip & Hype, and Travel.