A lush, sweeping queer historical romance from the USA Today bestselling author of Husband Material. Perfect for fans of Netflix's Bridgerton, Evie Dunmore, and Lisa Kleypas!

When Viola Carroll was presumed dead at Waterloo she took the opportunity to live, at last, as herself. But freedom does not come without a price, and Viola paid for hers with the loss of her wealth, her title, and her closest companion, Justin de Vere, the Duke of Gracewood. Only when their families reconnect, years after the war, does Viola learn how deep that loss truly was.

By Naomi

A Lady for a Duke is a beautiful and gentle love story between a trans-woman and a disabled war hero.

The conflict of the story is not tied to the heroine’s transgender identity, but the realization that sometimes people’s rights and needs can clash and still both be valid. Hall strikes just the right balance between angst and tension and slice of life moments. There’s also a wonderful cast of charming and supportive secondary characters to round out the story. There is truly comfort in reading a historical romance filled with queer characters and family and friends that are accepting and supporting of queer characters.

While reading, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, because there’s no way that a book can be this good. Well, worry not, because the book really is that good.

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