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Wondering what’s happening in the vast and dynamic world of ABC? Well, worry no more because we got you covered with the latest on books, trends, stories, and much more.

Annie M.G. Schmidt Day

Annie M.G. Schmidt is best known for her children’s book was born on May 20th, and in the Netherlands, this day is celebrated with many activities in schools and libraries. The celebration might be in Dutch, but we think she deserves a space here too since some of her [...]

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Interview: Pauline Konink – Random House UK

As we celebrate 50 years of ABC, we’ve asked some people that have been working with us as publishing house representatives to share their insights into the funny world that is publishing and bookselling. Today we have Account Sales Manager Pauline Konink, who has been working at Random House UK [...]

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50 years of The American Book Center

Stubbornly independent: The American Book Center celebrates 50 years of bookselling! In 1972, Sam Boltansky and Mitch Crossfield opened up a bargain bookstore next to Madame Tussaud’s in Amsterdam, selling remainder books and magazines that came from America. Lynn Buller, a fellow American, joined them while on vacation from her home in Minnesota [...]


Interview: A Story On the EBM machine

Interview: A Story On the EBM machine Hi María! Thank you for taking the time to chat about yourself and our famous EBM Betty. Before we jump into who Betty is, I think our readers would also  love to get to know you better. Could you tell me something about yourself? [...]

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Judge A Book By Its Cover

The Top 5 Best YA Covers of 2021 As the saying goes, I know we are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but with these covers that will be hard. They are extremely eye catching and some of them may be the reason my To-Be-Read pile is so big. [...]

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5 Books That Will Help You to Improve in Business and Leadership

5 Books That Will Help You to Improve in Business and Leadership Place here Hero Image(Photo Courtesy GaryVee’s Tweet) Today we have selected 5 incredibly inspiring titles that can help you start and improve your own business. Whether you have just started your own activity, need a guide on how to manage your [...]

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Books to movies – Bridgerton by Julia Quinn

Books to movies - Bridgerton by Julia Quinn The second season of Bridgerton is approaching at a quick pace and those waiting for it to start, including myself,  are getting antsy. How to solve this? Read the books, of course. But, wait! Books?!? But Bridgerton is a TV series!  Most viewers know [...]

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The Top 8 Anticipated Romance Novels to Cozy Up with This Spring

Anticipated Romance Novels to Cozy Up with This Spring The New Year is finally here and that means a whole new batch of (Contemporary) Romance reads for you to enjoy. The cold winter months are great for getting cozy and comfortable with a romance book, and luckily for those who need a [...]

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Top 10 Books by Japanese Authors that Every Cat-Lover Should Read

Top 10 Books by Japanese Authors that Every Cat-Lover Should Read Fascinating, elegant, unpredictable, fierce, sometimes even quirky… cats are certainly some of the most mysterious creatures on Earth. These animals have an undeniable charm for human beings, but if there is one country where cats are particularly revered and respected as [...]

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ABC Picks February 2022

Here are our recommendations for February! And here we are again with a new episode of our ABC Picks, with titles that have been recently released, will come out shortly, or we’re just simply really excited about. Today we present 9 very different titles, from Crafts, to Sci-Fi, middle-grade and even a [...]

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