Rach is a down-on-her-luck, happy-go-lucky kind of lady … Sure, she may be an assistant to personal assistants, crashing on her ex-boyfriend’s couch, and have a whole secret past, but mostly, things are great.

Until she:

1. Meets Pres — an aspiring politician, certified Capricorn, and a definitely “unlikable” dude (He knows, he had a poll done on it), and

2. Accidentally goes viral at the same time. (The internet is calling it “Boobgate.”)

His PR person says they should capitalize on the fame. Pres only wants to win an election. And Rach, well, she really just wants to keep her job. Now she must decide if she can be herself and get the guy, too, or if faking it until you make it is all it’s cracked up to be…

Written by Naomi

If you’re looking for a charming romance filled with heart and humor, Honestly, I’m Totally Faking It is the one.

Rach is, to put it simply, a hot mess. She’s living on the couch in her ex-boyfriend’s place, working as an underappreciated assistant to personal assistants. We open the book with a succession of embarrassing moments for Rach, but one thing becomes clear very quickly: Rach is an optimist. Not in an obnoxious or pathetic way; she’s just a genuinely good person who chooses to have a positive view on life. It hasn’t always been easy for her, but she always tries her best to put
some good into the world.

Then boob-gate happens, where Rach accidentally flashes her boobs on national television after taking a shower in her new boss’ apartment (as I said, hot mess). The boss, Pres, is a political analyst who has ambitions to become mayor, and this scandal isn’t what he needs right now. What he does need is to seem approachable and relatable. Rach needs to save her job. The solution: a fake relationship.

It’s so easy to root for Rach, who is funny, smart and bursting with positivity. Despite her embarrassing moments at the start of the book, she is really good at her job and provides an excellent balance to Pres’ blunt honesty.

Pres is extremely swoony: nerdy and grumpy (but not mean!). Initially wary and stand-offish (understandably so), his humanity comes out the more time he spends with Rach. As it turns out,
he is an absolute cinnamon roll.

The chemistry, dynamic and banter between Rach and Pres is just wonderful, and once things finally heat up between them, it is HOT. Truly, the sex scenes are incredibly tender and
intimate, and therefore very steamy.

We get to spend quite some time with Rach and Pres as they fake-date, and the gradual progression of their relationship is so much fun to read. I really like that the book has a slice-of-life feeling to it; it makes the romance so organic and natural.

I frequently reread this book, because, for me, it is the ultimate comfort read. It has everything: humor, heartfelt moments and amazing chemistry between the main characters. This book is about being seen, appreciated and loved for who you truly are.

“You sure you don’t believe in luck?”
“How about I just believe in you, Rach.”


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