Sanne and Jip

As part of our 50th anniversary celebrations, we’re inviting devoted customers to talk about their love of books and, of course, ABC. First up: Sanne and her lovely dog, Jip, who can often be seen browsing together at our Hague store. When they enter the store in The Hague, staff and even some customers all flock to Jip.

ABC Lília: So Sanne, how long have you been an ABC customer? Because in my mind, you’ve been a customer for a long time…
Sanne: About three years. I was dog sitting in the neighborhood at the time. Jip was still a puppy, very active, and needed more exercise. While walking around the center, I found the store and fell in love with it. You guys are so friendly and helpful. I immediately felt at home. And the love you all show Jip also made a great impact. We both always feel very welcome, and sometimes, when Jip is not with me, I even hear the question: “Where’s Jip?” So, yeah, I have every reason to keep coming back.

ABC Lília: So, our Jip-love is one of the reasons you shop with us?
Sanne: For sure! And because you guys have a great selection, very diverse. I love reading fantasy. Whenever I’m not sure what to read next, I come here to ask for recommendations. Iris may give me the most tips, but everyone gives me great ideas.

ABC Lília: Is there a book or author who changed your life? For me, The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula Le Guin, which I read as a teenager, changed the way I see sexuality. Do you have a title that had such an impact on you?
Sanne: Not specifically, although I really love all the Harry Potter books and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The Lord of the Rings talks about this little ring and the big influence it has on everything around it. I think it’s really amazing. And I love everything V.E. Schwab writes. She’s the author of Gallant.

ABC Lília: Great tips! Do you have an ABC anecdote to share?
Sanne: I just love that Jip feels so comfortable here. He knows where to go to ask for a treat, and Jouke is always ready to give it to him pronto!

ABC Lília: And he’s so well-behaved (looking at Jip, who’s just lying there, patiently waiting for us to finish the interview). Back to books: do you have a title you consider essential reading?
Sanne: The Lord of the Rings, of course, but also Pan’s Labyrinth and The Starless Sea. I really liked those stories and think people should read them.

ABC Lília: The Starless Sea is one of my colleague Iris’ Staff Choices and is also on my own To Be Read list. I will definitely read it now. And talking about reading, what have you been reading lately?
Sanne: The last story I read was The Body, by Stephen King. I know it’s a novella and not a novel, but I really liked it. And at the moment, I’m reading A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab and enjoying it a lot.

ABC Lília: It’s the third part of a series our colleague Martijn also really likes, so another one to add to my list. Look forward to seeing you and Jip again soon!