Written by EmmaV

As a bookseller, you see loads of books coming in and going out of the store every day. We can tell you with certainty: this is a good source for all kinds of contemplations and conversations! But also dealing with customers, or even plain equipment, has been inspirational for some of these staff quotes. Below are staff quotes overheard and collected at our stores, offering some bookish and not so bookish wisdom for your everyday life.

Part 3: Bookstore Equipment

A colleague, unsuccessfully cutting a piece of cardboard:
“Die schaar is niet voor dat werk geknipt” (“These scissors are not cut out for this work.”)

Walking towards the cylindrical dustbin in the corner of the room, a colleague declares:
“Dit papierwerk kan in het ronde archief” (“This paper can go in the rounded archive.”)

Shuffling some paper cuttings into the shredder, then turning it on, a colleague says:
“Zo, ik ga even voor wat achtergrondmuziek zorgen, ook verzoekjes” (“Well, I am gonna arrange some background music, I also take requests.”)

Stacking another crate onto the stack in the loading dock at the back of the store:
“Het is het broedseizoen van de kratjes, er staan er vier” (“It must be nesting season for the crates, there are four here.”)