To most people, Quan Diep is nothing but a surly-looking, underachieving playboy. Anna Sun dislikes Quan Diep almost as much as germy bathroom door handles. Or so she tells herself. Slowly, Anna breaks down Quan's dangerous and careless exterior while peeling off her own tough, protective shell. But when Quan discovers Anna's true intentions, he's forced to confront his own hurtful past and learn to forgive, while Anna must face her greatest challenge: truly opening herself up to love.

Written by Lília

This is such a wonderful read!

Suffering from sudden notoriety and feeling so pressured to perform Ann actually cannot do it. During a “hiatus” in her relationship with her boyfriend she meets Quan, who is dealing with his own problems. It’s a rocky start, but Quan accepts Anna as she is, and it makes all the difference. Then tragedy strikes in her family and she sees herself in such an ill-suited role that things can go either way. How can these two lovers keep each other?

Ms. Hoang deals with mental illness in such a wonderful way that you can understand what the person is going through, and how dealing with it might be difficult at times.

If you haven’t read anything from her, after reading this one you will run to read the other two as well: The Kiss Quotient and The Bride Test.

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