By Lília

We talk a lot in this blog about turning books into films or TV-streaming series, but we don’t talk enough about those stellar series or films that launch books that resist time and space.

My love for Star Trek began with the original 1960s TV series, which I watched while growing up in Brazil. I learned about The Next Generation and met many friends through the Trekkers fandom.

And then I heard about the books.

The first ones were written by fans who could not accept their beloved series had been canceled and wanted to keep revisiting their favorite characters. Those stories became so interesting that many new and established authors wrote at least one title in the growing list of those being published—mostly about Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy. One of my favorites to this date is Spock’s World by Diane Duane, who wrote many other titles populating the Star Trek universe.

They became so trendy that the publisher responsible for the books started a numbered series, then went on to publish many more starring different characters. It took on a life of its own and at a certain point, there were so many books being written that we lost count of how many there actually were. Not all of the same quality. The best ones are still the stand-alones, usually bigger novels that go into more depth than the numbered books.

With the end of the TV series and films, the books dwindled and fewer new ones came to market, but they are still being published, especially now with newer TV series such as Star Trek Discovery and Star Trek Strange New Worlds airing. The books are not as popular as they were at the peak of their fandom, when two to three TV series were being aired simultaneously, but with all the reruns, this is a Star Trek offshoot that is here to stay.

We love the series too much not to keep watching, reading and hooting for our beloved characters.

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