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When we started thinking about opening a store in the Westfield Mall of the Netherlands, it had been almost 20 years since we last had a third store (in Leuven, Belgium). The decision to start this new adventure was not an easy one.
When we finally decided to take the leap of faith, doom struck and COVID happened.
We decided initially to pull the plug, but after constructive talks with Westfield, we saw room to go ahead.
During the next three months, we had to transform a concrete box into the store it is today. A race against the clock, but with a beautiful result!

The look became a mix of our Amsterdam and The Hague stores, with an emphasis on bamboo and greens.
Being as small as it is, we had to make some tough choices on what to stock (and what not to), and we needed to react to the demands of the local public.
After two years, we think we’ve got it down, and we now tend to look at the Leidschendam store as a little treasure box.

We encourage you to stop by and be surprised to find books and more—some expected, but also loads that will surprise you. Leidschendam continues The ABC’s tradition of stocking a unique mix of products and services that we offer in all our stores.
The Westfield Mall is an experience unto itself, so there’s reason enough to plan a visit.

We’re very proud of our little sister and hope she’ll have many happy returns!

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