Written by Natalia

FallingT.J. Newman

Former flight attendant T.J. Newman has written the ultimate beach read for thrill-seeking readers. From start to finish, this book will have you on the edge of your seat, or in this case, your beach towel, as we follow the events of an airplane hijacking. The captain’s family is held hostage and fears for their lives. While airborne, the pilot receives a phone call and is threatened into make a drastic decision: either crash the plane and kill its passengers and crew or do nothing, meaning his family will die. This thriller is non-stop action and remains unpredictable until the end.

Happy PlaceEmily Henry

A tight-knit group of friends goes on their annual holiday trip to their favorite cottage: what could go wrong? A lot, it seems. Especially because college sweethearts Harriet and Wyn haven’t told their best friends they have not been together for six months. As they both attempt to keep up appearances and not spoil their holiday week by sharing the bad news, the cracks in the friend group start to appear. Emily Henry’s Happy Place is a beautiful story about second chances and daring to be earnest about your current desires and past issues.

Business or Pleasure – Rachel Lynn Solomon

Not hot enough for you already this summer? Solomon’s latest steamy romance novel is your beach read for this year. Celebrity ghostwriter Chandler has a somewhat disappointing one-night-stand with actor Finn, and later she discovers his memoir is her next ghostwriting project. Business or Pleasure is a heartwarming read in which Solomon has tackled issues such as healthy relationships, mental health and sex positivity.

Patricia Wants to Cuddle – Samantha Allen

This is the remote island destination you do not want to visit but want to read about. Patricia Wants to Cuddle is a darkly funny and somewhat scary take on reality dating shows like The Bachelor. The women participating in the show are taken to a remote island in the Pacific Northwest, and what seems to be an idyllic place to shoot the show’s final episodes turns out to be an island full of dark secrets. Perfect for fans of reality TV dating shows craving a campierand smarter rendition.

Quietly Hostile – Samantha Irby

Not in the mood for fiction but still want to relax with a book at the beach, the swimming pool or just in your backyard? Samantha Irby’s latest essay collection is the perfect choice. In Quietly Hostile, Samantha Irby shares all the gory details of her life and what happens behind the scenes of her career. Her unapologetic and deprecating essays will have you laughing out loud. Her raw, honest and humorous observations about modern-day life might not be for everyone, but it’s sure worth a try!