Put together by Lília

Written by Jouke, Martijn, Chiara, Sophie, Iris and Simone

Warbreaker – Brandon Sanderson

Jouke: Two sisters, captive gods, an ingenious magic system featuring breath and colors, and a talking sword.
I love Warbreaker and I have no idea why I waited 11 years to read this; I would devour its sequel ‘Nightblood’ immediately upon its (alleged) release in 2025. Bonus: this can be read perfectly as a standalone novel.

Heroes – Stephen Fry

Martijn: After Mythos – which I absolutely adored – I had to read this book!
More of the Greek myths in his own inimitable style: funny, exiting, well-paced and very informative.
Can’t wait to start on Troy.

Chatter – Ethan Kross

Chiara: Backed by real case studies and extensive scientific evidence, this is one of the most comprehensive studies on negative thoughts, their meaning and impact on our everyday lives.
This book is easy to read, concise and in some parts also entertaining. Thanks to this read, I now know how to recognize and harness negative thoughts that often cross my mind, especially in these difficult times. I advise everyone who is struggling with the same feeling to read this precious book!

Ring Shout – P.Djèlí Clark

Sophie: For such a slim novella Clark sure manages to create a whole world you can fall into, with demonic Ku Kluxes, powerful prayer circles, witches and haints and worse, and ghostly swords that sing their history. All set in 1922 Georgia.
It’s the first book that reminded me of Neil Gaiman’s type of storytelling and somewhat sinister imagination.

Martijn: I liked this little book called Ring Shout by Djèlí Clark. It’s a different voice than I’m used to, and good too (1915, Georgia, African-American girl with magical sword hunts Ku Klux Klan members which turn out to be actual monsters).
There’s a lot more depth to it than that though…

The Cybernetic Tea Shop – Meredith Katz

Iris: If, like me, you enjoy tea and books, you should most definitely check out this novella! It’s a wholesome, bite-size morsel of a story about a technician specialized in AI creatures who never stays in one place for very long, and a fully autonomous construct who has been running the tea shop left behind by her former master for almost 300 years. It’s short, it’s sweet, but it definitely doesn’t lack depth despite its comparative slimness. The beautifully crafted asexual romance doesn’t hurt either. I loved it!

Absolutely perfect for people who enjoyed A Psalm for the Wild-Built by Becky Chambers and Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree.

Dead Simple – Peter James

Simone: What a ride!
This first novel in the Roy Grace series is a heck of a start!
Once you start reading, there is no stopping until you find out what is going on, and whether Michael, trapped in a coffin after a stag-night prank, will be rescued.
His best man and business partner, Mark, is the only one who might know more about his whereabouts, but he says he doesn’t. Michael’s wife-to-be is inconsolable, and it is up to Roy Grace to untangle the web of information.

The Roy Grace series in general is highly recommended, and if you start with this one, you will not be disappointed!