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Maria is the YA and Animals buyer in the Amsterdam store. She’s also a bookseller, warehouse and order-department employee. She has always loved the ABC store and went regularly as a customer before she started working here. Maria studied animal care and she is obsessed with birds and fantasy. So the YA and animals section are a perfect fit. She loves to play video-games when she is not reading or listening to metal music. Reading is her favorite hobby because it takes her out of everyday life and into a world where anything can happen, and there is always some adventure to be had. 

Romancing the trope

written by Maria Some people love tropes. Others despise them. Unfortunately, many are poorly done. But when a trope is done well, it can take a book from just okay to a bestseller. Here are my (very subjective) picks of the best and the worst romance tropes. [...]

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ABC’s Maria interviewed about #BookTok

You might have heard about the book-centric trend within the TikTok universe under the hashtag BookTok. And if you haven't, this interview with ABC's Young Adult seller will fill you in. Please note that the video is in Dutch. Thanks to Carlijn Pierens and Rafaelle van Nispen from De Nieuwsredactie of [...]

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Top 6 Albums or Soundtracks to Enhance Your Reading Experience

written by Maria We’ve all heard of wine and food pairings. But how about books and tunes?  Listening to music while reading is one of my favorite pastimes; it really amplifies the immersion, especially when a scene is exciting and the music fits it perfectly. If all you want to do [...]

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Elfia 2022 Recap

The ABC was once again selling books and other merchandise at Elfia. Elfia is an outdoor event/market where people from all around the Netherlands attend in beautiful costumes to browse the goods, drink mead (honey wine), and dance to folk music. The event was held in April at the Castle de [...]

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Judge A Book By Its Cover

The Top 5 Best YA Covers of 2021 As the saying goes, I know we are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but with these covers that will be hard. They are extremely eye catching and some of them may be the reason my To-Be-Read pile is so [...]

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